missionChurch Matters – Solutions can also help you with the planning and conducting of mission festivals on an as needed basis. Our interest is in helping you put together an all day Saturday and Sunday morning event that will be packed with good sessions and value for the attendees. Not to mention raise more money for the mission activity at hand! We do not provide mission speakers, but we certainly can recommend some good ones. We can provide a 1.5 hour PowerPoint presentation on the Atemo Bible College (Lutheran) and a Divine Service with a sister Lutheran congregation in Kenya. The presentation is based on a trip Gene and Deanna took to Kenya for the purposes of doing 3 day long seminars on-site in 2013. This presentation provides visual prove of where mission dollars are being spent.

A Mission Festival is something every congregation should consider holding on a periodic basis. It will raise and maintain awareness of current events and needs in the mission field. Not mention what is the best way to spend your budgeted mission dollars.

Contact Gene White using the Contact Us form when you are in your early planning stages for the best results. Include in the form where you are in the planning process and where we could be of the most help. If you are in our commuting range from Beaverton, OR we would gladly make arrangements to participate.

There is no fee for this service except to cover our travel costs. Since our participation is variable so would those costs.