Lay Person’s Guide to Good Church Government

Author: Gene White

Informed lay leadership is of prime concern for the proper functioning of a congregation in this


present time of miss-information and loss of historical context. These educational products are arranged in the order of detail with The Lay Person’s Guide to Good Church Government providing the overview and basics of each topic. This booklet is augmented by six PowerPoint presentations with instructor notes that can be downloaded for free. Please consider making a donation to help support our Website when downloading.

The Lay Person’s Guide to Good Church Government covers the administrative and discipline functions of church government, i.e., Constitution and Bylaws, The Use of Policy, Call Process, Financial/Budget, and Church Discipline, etc. Written specifically for Lutheran churches the vast majority of the information is also applicable to any Christian church. This booklet is based on Mr. White’s 55+ years of experience in these areas and independent research and discussions with church leaders.

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This informative free booklet can be downloaded by clicking here.

Lay Leadership Presentations

PowerPoint presentations provide additional detail on the following six areas in the CMS Leadership Series. Each show lasts 1.5 to 2 hours each.

Part IA The Lutheran Journey, Part IB Church Government & History

. Click here for download.  Click here for the Read Me file.

Part II Church Government – Constitution and Bylaws. Click here for download.

Part III The Call Process.  Click here for download.

Part IV Financial Management. Click here for download.

Part V Use of Policy in Church Government. click here for download.

Part VI, Church Discipline – Forgiveness, Repentance, or Not.  Click here for download