The Sheep Judge Their Shepherd

Copy this link to your browser for this original sermon by C. F. W. Walther The title speaks amply to the need for the laity to know their theology.

Church and Ministry Thesis V – The Church

Author: Rev. Brandt Hoffman

This is a PowerPoint presentation of 22 slides that explains exactly what the Church is. Specifically, the question is not a “what” but a “where.” Concerning church It responds to the wide and popular misconceptions many have about the Church. It is suitable for a one hour presentation for clergy and laity. Free download click here.

Church and Ministry Thesis V – The Office of the Ministry

Author: Rev. Jeffrey Ries

This is a PowerPoint presentation of 31 slides that explain exactly what the Office of Ministry is and what it isn’t. Specifically it addresses the need to fully understand the servant-hood of the office that is established by God to preserve the preaching and teaching and the proper administration of the sacraments. Secular duties are not to intrude. Free download click here.