lutherRoseChurch Matters – Solutions provides consulting services to any congregation who needs help in the following areas:

  • Organization of functions (Clarity and structure), including your constitution and bylaws,
  • Financial management, compensation and budgeting,
  • Requirements collection/analysis and construction oversight,
  • Development and updating of policies,
  • Internal planning and dealing with apathy,
  • Church discipline,
  • Proper ways for a church to grow.


Your first step is to get us all on the same page by having your leadership purchase sufficient copies of The Lay Person’s Guide to Good Church Government. These can be ordered by phone or the Contact Us form available on this site. After reading the guide try using some of the ideas presented for application in your organization. If you need more help it can be arranged by using the Contact Us form to arrange for a consultation.

Consulting services are provided by phone, email or other types of document exchange to keep things simple. To start the process a $100.00 retainer is required up front, which entitles the purchaser to up to 5 hours of consulting time. An additional $100.00 is required for the next 5 hours, etc. If you wish to engage in an on-site visit the same pricing plus travel expenses can be arranged.
All profits above expenses will be donated bi-annually to Confessional Lutheran organizations that are teaching the laity.


Gene White at 541-530-0900, or