Serving Your Neighbors in Love and Mercy is a new one day conference on Vocation and Outreach. This conference teaches Doctrine of Vocation principles for individuals and families, plus Evangelism/Outreach techniques for your church. Each session is followed by a practical workshop session designed to apply what you have learned to your church activities.

Why this conference? This equips your congregation to fulfill outreach with your neighbors in love, both internally and externally. All sessions are Scripture based and use historically correct Lutheran techniques to equip your saints for service. It is designed to be taught by a local pastor and allows multiple congregations to share the experience too. Just invite them to participate with you. This is not a conference to decide if your congregation wants to do community outreach, but rather the enabling event after you have made that corporate decision. Instructor assistance may be available in some areas. Use the Contact Us Page to seek that assistance.


Session 1 – Vocation: Faith and Good Works

Session 2 – Vocation Workshop

Session 3 – Evangelism and Outreach: What We Need to Know and Act On

Session 4 – Following Christ: Inside and Outside Your Church

 All materials needed to present and advertise this conference are included on a CD.

Ordering information can be found by clicking here.

Also, visit the LC-MS Website and search for Every One His Witness for a similar 1-day conference where the Synod provides the conference leadership.