Author: Gene White, editor: Rev. Evan Goeglein

This 1-day conference is designed for congregations who have, as a part of their renewal efforts, made a corporate decision to revitalize their outreach efforts. Option: Friday night and Saturday morning. This conference provides the Scriptural background and insight for understanding how the Doctrine of Vocation properly separates the roles of clergy and laity in undertaking the needed tasks for evangelism and outreach. This sets the context for the Scriptural understanding of how outreach is actually accomplished and by whom. The two workshops provide further discussion and the tools to implement your congregation’s plans.Needless to say outreach is properly the task of the entire congregation, not singularly a committee, pastor or board.peanuts-and-theology

The conference consists of four sessions as follows:

Session 1 – Vocation: Faith and Good Works

Session 2 – Vocation Workshop

Session 3 – What We Need to Know and Act On: Evangelism and Outreach

Session 4 – Following Christ: Inside and Outside Your Church

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Also visit the LC-MS website and see what the Synod is offering in their Every One His Witness program.