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The Church Matters – Solutions website was created:

to demonstrate that indeed church does matter and solutions matter too.

to show how the church is nurtured through sound Scriptural teaching.

to impress upon the importance of and why solid Christian teaching and practices also matter.


To support quality orthodox educational resources for the laity of Lutheran congregations.

In our humble effort to support quality education, we focus on providing presentations, Bible Studies, books and booklets that can be obtained either by purchase or download. Most of these items are free, however, there are some where there is quite a bit of detail and are quite lengthy. We only request a small amount of revenue in order to support the maintenance of the site and internet access. Click here for a flyer that summaries the major contents of the site.

All profits above expenses will be donated bi-annually to Confessional Lutheran organizations that are teaching the laity. Your donations are also helpful to meet this objective. Use the PayPal button below for either donating or paying for items purchased on this site.

In April 2017 we will be 7 months away from celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Help promote this event in your church starting now. Have an event, invite the public, etc. See the Educational Products Page for more details and ideas stemming from the 2016 LC-MS Convention. Also see the LC-MS Website and search for Reformation. Other websites dealing with the Reformation are:,, and This last website is for a conference to be held in San Diego, CA on Oct 19, 29 & 21. Additional information can be found on this site on

Did you know?

  • 1980 marked the 450th Anniversary of the presentation of the Augsburg Confession and the 400th Anniversary of the Book of Concord.
  • 1983 was the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth, which was observed by seven regional churches in then East Germany. This attracted thousands of visitor’s not only from within the socialist-communist countries, but from around the world.


Hi, I’m Gene White, creator of this website. How this site came about is a very interesting path all about how our gracious heavenly Father leads us through life doing His will. Most of the time we don’t even know it. To read the story of the directions God has lead my life since retirement in 1997,  click here. Then you’ll see just why Church Matters, matters to me.